Sarkaria commission essay

The advantage of its closed nature is that there are a common culture and value system, and an enviable degree of esprit de corps, a combination that facilitates excellent communication across the governmental spectrum.

Its powers are limited in a manner that the power is divided between centre and states. Mathematical expectation and conditional expectation. Quantitative Methods in Economics: Analysis of missing data. Modes of convergences of sequences of random variables — in distribution, in probability, with probability one and in mean square.

Ratio, product and regression methods of estimation, estimation of population mean, evaluation of Bias and Variance to the first order of approximation, comparison with simple random sampling. This makes it possible for lateral entrants to bring in their own work culture which enables renewal and adaptiveness in government organizations.

Where the validity of a stature is questioned and there are two interpretations, one of which would make the law valid, and the other void, the former must be preferred and the validity of the law will be upheld.

Financial and Capital Market: Theory of linear estimation, Gauss-Markov linear models, estimable functions, error and estimation space, normal equations and least square estimators, estimation of error variance, estimation with correlated observations, properties of least square estimators, generalized inverse of a matrix and solution of normal equations, variances and covariances of least square estimators.

Makehams and Gompertz curves. Demand Analysis Time Series Analysis: Complete life table and its main features, Uses of life table. Definition and declaration; structure initialization comparison of structure variable; Array of Structures: Environmental considerations, Green national income.

Detailed study of the stationary processes: In such cases the statute will provide alternative remedies. Rural development programmes including poverty alleviation programmes, development of economic and social infrastructure and New Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.

Automatic variables, External variables, Static variables, Scope and lifetime of declarations. This grants the court a powerful instrument of judicial review under the constitution.

Pareto law of Distribution, lognormal distribution, measurement of income inequality. Follow the news but study the issue. There are remedies against the actions of the executive under private law. One can find many articles from newspapers.

IASbaba – UPSC Civil Services Mains Strategy – Paper 2

Instruction for Question Nos 23 to Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow: Speech is a great blessing but it can also be a great curse; for while it helps usp to make our Intentions and desires known to our fellows. Prime Ministers Office (PMO) has asked Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT) to put up a proposal for lateral entry into Civil Services - the prestigious career option of millions.

IASbaba – UPSC Civil Services Mains Strategy – Paper 2

In this article, we discuss the need of reforms in Indian Civil Services and whether lateral entry system should be. ADVERTISEMENTS: Judicial Review in India: Concept, Provisions, Amendments and Other Details!

The power of judiciary to review and determine the validity of a law or an order may be described as the powers of Judicial Review’. ADVERTISEMENTS: It means that the constitution is the supreme law of the land and any law inconsistent therewith is [ ].

Get Result of the fourteenth Lok Sabha or General Elections of India held in Find detailed map of India in with state and party wise result of the 14th Lok Sabha Elections. part in turning the fate of the Congress party.

The election mainly saw coalitions among parties. The political environment in In the center was the government of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who also announced that there would be elections.

TOPIC:Modern Indian history from about the middle of the eighteenth century until the present- significant events, personalities, issues. 1) Comparison of the fascist regime in Italy with the National Socialist regime of Germany is almost inevitable.

Sarkaria commission essay
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Lateral Entry into Civil Services - Should the Government Allow It?